Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHT) is much more than hormones, it’s natural and made with plant based phytoestrogens like (soy and wild yam). It’s exclusively produced in compounding pharmacies. There are multiple options for these therapies. There are pellets, or implants fused into very small solid cylinders, then shipped in sterile glass vials. They are implanted under the skin using a very aseptic technique by trained professionals. There are troches that are dissolved under the tongue. Creams dissolved topically, capsules and also vaginal applications. I have witnessed, first-hand, the benefits of the patients I care for. I can tell you they are feeling, and looking, better with age. They are able to regain the confidence they once had when they were younger, that came with pre-menopause and subsequently into menopause.

Since learning about BHT and starting this amazing journey, I have been amazed and overwhelmed by the people who state what a difference it has made in their lives. I was taught by a pioneer in the industry, Sharon Campbell (WHNP) who started A New Creation Women’s Clinic almost 13 years ago. It is miraculous to see women change in more ways than I can explain. Some of my patients have come to me broken and very emotional about their situation, but after a couple of months on BHT, they are like A New Creation and feel like they did when they were much younger. They have more energy, libido and stamina than ever before. For the first time in many years, my patients feel confident with no “hot flashes” and as sexual as they were in their younger years.
I have seen, first hand, a renewed sense of health and vitality and a glow about them with a sense of beauty and accomplishment. They have confidence and alertness that the natural hormones provide. Synthetic hormones will do the same but are not as safe. Synthetic hormones are made with chemicals and animal based products which mostly swallowed and in return causes increased risks of clotting due to the first pass phenomenon through the digestive system. When a woman reaches menopause she develops issues such as vaginal dryness, mental fog, and sometimes irritability. The aging process causes difficulty with staying or falling asleep which are some of the symptoms that women experience with pre and post menopause. Men also feel low energy, sleep issues, low libido and weight gain, less muscle mass and stamina.

 I, not only treat the replenished hormones that have been diminished but I treat the patient as a whole, with dignity and kindness and a renewed sense of vitality. The bio-identical hormones give the patients all of these benefits. There is an art to prescribing them, of course, which I cherish. I use lab results and sometimes can go by symptoms to help them succeed and increase their ability to become whole again. It may not happen overnight but within 2-6 weeks they become (A New Creation). I see the change it’s like a metamorphosis that brings them back to when they felt amazing, like a piece of artwork interwoven with different pasts and futures to come together with a sense of worth and being to be whole and fulfilled again. Bio-identical hormones do this and so much more. This is what bio-identical hormones do and I believe it and I see it every day the glow that BHT brings and the purpose for what they were meant to achieve.  For more information about bioidentical hormones please click here.

Cheryl Abraham, FNP is a BioTE provider and here is her link  

The views expressed above on the benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and hormone replacement therapy in general, are those of Cheryl Abraham, MSN, FNP-C, and in no way represent or imply her endorsement of the use of such therapies without the proper care and supervision provided by a qualified prescribing practitioner.

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